World Cup Kranj 2012, Mina Markovic VS Momoka Oda

World Championship Paris 2012: Men’s Boulder Finals Route 2 looks challenging, yet fun.  

I have arrange the photos in a way such that one can see the climbing beta when the photos are viewed from the top left. 

Kilian Fischhuber(AUT) got 2nd and in Women’s Boulder Finals: Anna Stöhr(AUT) got 3rd. Allez, team Austria! I just love supporting and cheering them on. 

Photos by Adriel Choo

RockMaster 2012 at JCUBE 

Another bouldering competition held on this weekend. I missed it because I overslept. What a waste! I regretted and I should have competed; its the first competition with inverted volumes. It must have been fun climbing; ending in the inverted volumes or using it as part of the route. I’m gonna ask my friends for their experience on our next meet-up. 

Late post: RockMaster2012(14Sept to 16Sept) was a blast! I should have posted last week since the competition was held during the last weekend. However, I was too busy at trying my best to program my task for my final year project. Despite spending so much time and effort; there are still no results. I’m having so many problems with the program.

I wasn’t prepared to take part in RockMaster2012 as few days before the comp, I injured my wrist. Though I’m still unsure of the seriousness of my wrist from that fall, I hope mine is not as bad as Daryl’s (climber who broke his shin after a fall while competing - that’s what I heard). To Daryl: Speedy recovery! And stay STRONG!

Update: My wrist is getting better….it feels much better than before. However, I still can’t push my wrist backwards. And somehow, I’ve got no strength on that wrist to do certain exercises. I hope it gets better soon. I need it to climb again and even for NAPHA. 

I got into climbing as a sport and started training when I was 17; that was almost 29 months ago. I’ve participated in 9 competitions in the Novice Men Individual Category and 1 cliff-hanger competition. Even though I see myself performing slightly better at every competition, I don’t seem to be able get into finals. I wish I could win a medal. Or is climbing really hard? This time in RockMaster2012, I got a position 95/131(Very bad!). I performed worse than the new climbers in my school. Does getting a coach really help? Besides Jonathan a senior who volunteered to guide us for a short period; I have never train with a coach until recent when our school hired one.